Dr. Smadar Bustan

Selected Papers Online

Dr. Smadar Bustan is a philosopher, conducting in parallel experimental work in the field of pain research. She has a PhD in philosophy by both the Sorbonne University (France) & the University of Tel-Aviv (Israel). Her thesis concerned the relation between phenomenology and ethics. During her Sachs Fellow visiting position at the Philosophy Department at Harvard University, she focused on the bridge between European and American philosophies in collaboration with Hilary Putnam. In 2011, she joined the Psychophysiology and Neurophysiology Laboratory at Luxembourg University, working with Prof. Fernand Anton. Her project on pain and suffering is a long-term research plan, underlying her philosophical thesis on pre-reflectivity. Specifically, her theory on Pain and Suffering, currently tested in the context of the bilateral PASCOM project (FNR-DFG) intends to present a new framework of thought in proposing a diagrammatical reasoning which combines the sufferer’s inner world with his social world. This scientifically validated phenomenological mode of thinking will provide the different disciplines with a global way for explaining pain and suffering variations. In the long run, she hopes this could serve hospitals and clinics.

Photo by: Mireille Montmasson