Dr. Immo Curio

Dr. Immo CurioAfter vocational training in telecommunications, Dr.rer.nat. Immo Curio studied physics at the Humboldt-University in Berlin with focus on biophysics. He received a PhD in Psychophysiology with thesis about a psycholinguistic topic: Semantic conditioning of vasomotor responses. From 1971-1983 he worked in the Department of Psychophysiology at the Central Institute for Cardiovascular Research (now the Max-Delbrück-Center) and later at the Institute for Psychotherapy and Neurosis Research in Berlin. His research was focused on Cardiovascular Psychophysiology and Clinical Psychology, especially psychophysiological diagnostics and biofeedback. After three years at Federal Health Office in Berlin, where he worked on annoyance and health risk caused by military low-altitude flight noise, he became Head of the Psychophysiological Lab at the University of Bonn’s Psychological Institute. His research focus was on physiological correlates of pain and somatoform disorders. Methodologically, his focus was on physiological data processing and single case analyses. After retiring in 2000, he specialized in Biomedical Instrumentation and Monitoring and he had built Psychophysiological Laboratories at the Universities of Basel, Trier, Zürich, Ulm, Salzburg, and the Charité hospital in Berlin. In addition, he developed and built prototypes of special research instruments, and he is an advisor for problems of interfacing laboratory devices.