Sharon Webber-Zvik

Sharon Webber-Zvik is an Art Director and Graphic Designer from Israel. Her passion for testing the boundaries between graphic design and art became an official profession in 2003. She accompanied  the “Pain and Suffering” project since its establishment, being in charge of all the visual aspects of the group’s activities, in digital and printed media. Her other projects include a variety of blogs, online stores and print – representing her aspiration to  create visuals that stand out, challenge the mind and attract attention. Some of her work has been described by  professionals as “ground-breaking”, and has been nominated amongst finalists in several professional competitions. In her current projects, the “Pain and Suffering” program included, she tries to create something new, with a strong artistic impact, that while serving the needs of the clients and its communication rules, still leaves the viewers with an emotional experience and a long lasting memory. In 2013, Sharon Webber-Zvik, received the honorable Golden A Design Award for her visual work on Pain and Suffering.