Dr. Martin Diers

Martin Diers is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Central Institute of Mental Health Medical Faculty Mannheim, University Heidelberg. He holds a PhD in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from the Medical Faculty Mannheim, University Heidelberg obtained in June 2006. In 2011 he won the first price of the young investigator Award for Pain research of the Janssen-Cilag GmbH, was nominated for Best Poster Presentation of the 7th Congress of the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®) and was elected scholar of the European Pain School (IBRO summer school) held in Siena in June. In 2012, he won the Early Career Research Grant offered by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®) and was elected for the IBRO Alumni Symposium at the FENS Forum. His scientific interests focus on psychobiological mecanisms in chronic musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. To study these phenomena, he combines different techniques including EEG, fMRI and PET.

Book Project: What is pain; Is pain real?

{Co-writing with Dr. Finn Nortvedt}