Dr. Amanda C de C Williams

Amanda Williams is an academic and clinical psychologist at University College London and at the Pain Management Centre, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery (University College London Hospitals). She has been active in research and clinical work in persistent pain for over 25 years, with particular interests in evaluation of psychologically-based treatments; in expression of pain and its interpretation by clinicians; and in pain from torture. She worked clinically and in research and audit in a charity for torture survivors, and is now developing research and policy work with colleagues in the field. She is involved in several systematic reviews and meta-analyses on pain treatments, and in writing UK and European guidelines on best practice in managing pain; she is also pursuing experimental work concerning expression of pain and its (mis)understanding by others. She was a founding member of a special interest group in pain from torture, organised violence, and war in the International Association for the Study of Pain, and has spoken at several national pain conferences about recognition and treatment of pain in survivors of torture. Dr Williams has written over 120 papers and chapters on aspects of pain and psychology, presents at national and international pain meetings, and is on the editorial boards of several major pain journals.

Website: Dr. Amanda C de C Williams

Book Project: Why people are exploitive of others’ suffering or pain?

{Co-writing with Marina Nemat}