Dr. Finn Nortvedt

Finn Nortvedt was born 1952 in Norway. He was educated as a registered nurse in 1979 and started his career as teacher in nursing from 1985. At the time being he is an  Associated Professor at the Faculty of Health Science, Institute of Nursing, Oslo University College. In his position he conducts research on pain while teaching master and bachelor students in nursing. He has published several articles and two books on pain. The first, “Pain Relief: Challenge and possibilities. University Press. Oslo. 1989/97” to be followed by “Pain: Phenomenon and understanding. Gyldendal Academic 2001. Oslo”. In 2006, he received his PhD from the Medical Faculty in Oslo on a study dedicated to Phantom Pain. The thesis entitled “Imprisoned in Pain and excluded from the world: A Study of phantom pain after traumatic limb amputations and after spinal cord injury”, is an empirical and phenomenological study investigating phantom pain as a result of a traumatic injury.

Book Project: What is pain; is pain real?

{Co-writing with Dr. Martin Diers }