Dr. Smadar Bustan

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Smadar Bustan is a philosopher who joined the Psychophysiology and Neurophysiology Laboratory at the University of Luxembourg to conduct experimental studies on pain and suffering. She is also the Founder and Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary and International Program on Suffering and Pain. In 2005, she received a PhD in philosophy from both the Sorbonne Paris IV and the University of Tel-Aviv (summa cum laude. Advisors: Profs. Jean François Courtine & Adi Ophir). As a visiting scholar at the philosophy department at Harvard University, she collaborated with Hilary Putnam. Upon her return to Europe, she worked at the philosophy department at the University of Luxembourg, and she continues to teach philosophy at the University of the Institut Catholique de Paris, France. Her research and publications cover the fields of phenomenology, ethics and political philosophy, mind-body theories, and the bridge between the Continental and American philosophies. She is working on a theory on Pain and Suffering that is now being tested experimentally in the framework of the PASCOM collaborative project between the University of Luxembourg and the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany. She focuses on the pivotal concept of pre-reflectivity and her theory in development is the conductive thread of a planned trilogy, with a first book “From intellectualism to Ethics” (Ousia, 2014). Smadar Bustan has also translated into Hebrew and prefaced philosophical books by Levinas, Marion and Blanchot. Among the awards she has received, Dr. Smadar Bustan was a Sachs Fellow (Harvard University) and won an ESF Exploratory Workshop grant. Since 2011, she is an associate member at the Philosophy and Sociology Department (SND, Sciences, Norms & Decisions) at the Sorbonne University.

SND (Science Norms and Decisions) Research Unit, Philosophy Department: Dr. Bustan

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Book Project: Can the understanding of Pain & Suffering end Suffering?

{Co-writing with Hin Hung Sik and Prof. Sumio Hoka}

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