Dr. Marijke Boucherie

Marijke Boucherie was assistant professor at the University of Lisbon until 2010 and is member of the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES). Her field of research is English and Canadian Literature and in particular “nonsense verse” (MA thesis 1985) or “light verse” (PhD thesis 1993). She integrates the Programme on Narrative and Medecine coordinated by Isabel Fernandes. Dr. Boucherie asks questions about the universality of forms of non verbal communication between humans and the way they relate to the conceptual and cultural dimensions of language.Among her numerous publications, articles related to suffering and pain are: in 2010, “Disturbing to Others”: The Too Great Happiness of Alice Munro and Sofia Kovalesky”, Revisiones 06. Revista de Crítica Cultural. Universidad de Navarra, pp. 143-155.  {Publication webpage}; in 2009 “Nonsense and Other Senses”, Tarantino, Elisabetta (ed.) Nonsense and Other Senses. Regulated Absurdity in Literature (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing) Chapter XIII, pp. 259-274; in 2004, “The Many Sides of Language: ‘Some Are More Human Than Others. A Sketchbook by Stevie Smith’”, Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of APEAA, UTAD, Vila Real; in 2003 “‘Peter Ibbetson’ or the Limbo of Memory”, Revista Anglo-Saxónica, Série II, nº 18, Lisbon, 213-230; in 2000, “Brief aan Moo”, Pedagogiek. Wetenschappelijk forum voor opvoeding, onderwijs, vorming. 20º jaargang, nº 4, Van Gorcum, Assen, pp. 362-366; in 1995 “‘Joie de Vivre’: a arte romanesca de Iris Murdoch”, Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of APEAA, UTAD, Vila Real,  63-73. Marijke lives in Lisbon, they have three sons and the youngest, Bernardo, suffers from autism.

Website: {ulices} Marijke Boucherie

{Co-writing the Glossary with Cecilia Beecher Martins and Prof. Isabel Maria da Cunha Rosa Fernandes}