Sascha Benjamin Fink

Sascha Benjamin Fink is currently writing his PhD at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück. After working as a nurse in a cancer ward, he studied philosophy, history of art, japanology, and biology at the University of Mainz, Tokyo’s Nihon University, and the Australia National University. He was awarded scholarships by the German National Academic Foundation and the Lichtenberg Society, and is a proud member of the young researchers network for philosophy of mind (MINDGroup) at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, and of Minding Animals, where he crosses boundaries between animal sciences and animal ethics. Sascha analyses the search for neural correlates of consciousness from the philosophical perspectives of ontology, epistemology, statistics, and metrology; more specifically, he focuses on the role of introspection, phenomenology, and first-person reports in scientific experimentation and prediction. His main focus in publications so far is on the connection of pain to suffering and their evolutionary history, as well as the inadequacy of the IASP-definition of “pain” (see Independence and Connection of Pain and Suffering, 2011).

Book Project: Can pain and suffering be measured?

{Co-writing with Prof. Kenneth Craig }