Prof. Chryssoula Lascaratou

Chryssoula Lascaratou (MA – 1980 and Ph.D. – 1984) is Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of English Studies, University of Athens. She was Head of the Department of Language and Linguistics in 1996-1997 and 2008-2010. Since 1998 she has been the Director of the Faculty Library. Her areas of specialisation are Morphology, Syntax (Generative Grammar and Systemic Functional Grammar), Corpus Linguistics, Language Typology, Contrastive Linguistics, and Error Analysis. Her main research interests and areas of publication include the analysis of aspects of Greek and English grammar, as well as the investigation of grammatical phenomena and their implementation in the teaching of Greek as a foreign language to minority Muslim (chiefly Turkish speaking) pupils living in Northern Greece. Her publications in these fields include two books and several studies published in international journals and edited volumes.

For the last ten years or so she has been investigating the language of pain from a linguistic perspective within a functional and cognitive framework. Based on a corpus of Greek naturally-occurring doctor-patient-dialogues, her investigation addresses such questions as: How is the universal, yet private, experience of pain talked about by different people in everyday encounters? What does the analysis of pain-related utterances and linguistic metaphors reveal as to how pain is perceived and experienced? Are pain utterances primarily used to express or to describe this experiential domain? What are the linguistic, conceptual and psychological mechanisms underlying the contribution of spontaneously produced metaphorical pain descriptions in communicating pain within a medical context and creating the desired relations of fruitful proximity between patients and medical experts? Her long-term research in pain language comprises the book “The Language of Pain: Expression or Description?” (2007) and four articles: ‘Pain as process in Modern Greek: The case of ponao’ (with O. Hatzidaki) (2002); ‘Metaphor in Greek pain-constructions: Cognitive and functional perspectives’ (with S. Marmaridou) (2005); ‘The function of language in the experience of pain’ (2008); ‘Tracking pain and joy: Breaching boundaries, bridging fields’ (with A. Despotopoulou & E. Ifantidou) (2008). Finally, she has co-edited the volume “Reconstructing Pain and Joy: Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Perspectives” (2008).

Website: Prof. Chryssoula Lascaratou

Book Project: Can pain and suffering be shared through language?

{Co-writing with Prof. Lambros Couloubaritsis}