Prof. Gillian Bendelow

Before entering higher education as a mature student, Gillian Bendelow worked in London’s East End as a ward sister and community psychiatric nurse. Gillian has made research contributions to the fields of chronic pain and ‘contested’ illness conditions; mental health and emotional wellbeing; health promotion and lay concepts of health and illness. Core aspects of her substantive interests in pain, emotion and embodiment overlap with other areas of social science, medicine and humanities, and this dialogue is reflected in her current work which is concerned with understanding models of health and illness in contemporary healthcare, with a strong focus on explaining and transcending the often unhelpful divisions and polarisation between ‘the natural’ and ‘the social’, biological and cultural, arts and sciences. Gillian is regularly invited as a keynote/plenary speaker to international academic and policy-oriented events and has received past external research funding from the ESRC, NHS, EU, the Wellcome Trust and cancer charities. She a Trustee for the Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness and a Member of Advisory Board, Chronic Pain Australia ( 2010- present). She is author of “Pain and Gender” (Pearson Education 2000), “Health Emotion and the Body” (Polity 2009) and co- author of “The Lived Body” (Routledge 1998) as well as many edited books and journal articles.

Book Project: Does emotional pain express itself through the body?

{Co-writing with Prof. Esther Cohen }