Dr. Paul Dawalibi

Paul Dawalibi is a Lebanese philosopher, specializing in phenomenology, teaching at Saint Paul Institute (University) in Lebanon. Between 2008 to 2011, he was teaching philosophy to the preparatory classes at Stanislas College in Paris. Paul Dawalibi has also served as the Director of a prevention center for persons in situations of delinquency and prostitution  at Aux Captifs, La Liberation Association, Paris. His research has ranged over phenomenology, psychic and existential analyses, insecure identity, egoism, narcissism, birth and death, love theory, losing theory, vulnerability, suffering and pain, psychic suffering, existential suffering. Paul Dawalibi’s books in French include “L’Amour comme aban-don de soi” (2009), “L’identité aban-donnée, un essai sur la phénoménologie de la souffrance” (2011), “Métaphysique et psychanalyse” (2012).

Book Project:

What are the parallels between physical suffering and existential suffering?

{Co-writing with Prof. Rita Charon}