Creative Dialogues: Narrative and Medicine

Creative Dialogues:Isabel Fernandes, Cecilia Beecher Martins, Amândio Reis, Zuzanna SanchesThe anthology to which some of the group members contributed, Creative Dialogues; Narrative and Medicine (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), has just come out. You can have a look at it in:

I want to thank Isabel Fernandes from the University of Lisbon Center for English Studies (ULICES), chief editor of the anthology, for having included some of the texts from our first conference in Luxembourg (2009). I also attended the fascinating and pioneering Lisbon conference which gave rise to this volume. And based on the conferences and written outcome, I strongly invite you to read the very thoughtful and deep texts enclosed.


Prof., MD. Sumio Hoka

Sumio Hoka is a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology, Kyushu University, Japan. He graduated in 1978 at the Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University, Japan. In 1985-1987 he was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA, where he researched anesthetic effects on the reflex regulation of circulation. Sumio is currently working, as an anesthesiologist, in clinical anesthesia in the operating room, and in the pain clinic as well as in palliative care. His interest in pain management led him to the questions about the abilities of medicines treating chronic pain and cancer pain. He followed his interest in considering the different cultural aspects of pain (east versus the west) and the expression of pain in literature. He published books entitled “Listen to the voice of pain” (2005) and “Between sleep and awake” (2009) both in Japanese.

Website: Prof. Sumio Hoka

Book Project: Can the understanding of Pain & Suffering end Suffering?

{Co-writing with Hin Hung Sik and Dr. Smadar Bustan}