Dr. Catherine Kerr

Catherine Kerr investigates the effects of mindfulness meditation, Tai Chi and other mind-body therapies on the brain. The underlying motivation for her brain science comes from her initial qualitative investigations of the experience of mindfulness and Tai Chi, which she has found share a common thread: both therapies address suffering by training a close, focused attention to body sensations during meditative practice. This qualitative insight has given the impetus for her investigations into the effects of moment-by-moment body-focused attention in Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation on electrical rhythms in somatosensory and motor areas in the brain that are now thought to modulate brain function in subtle, important ways. Her goal is to use these neuroscientific findings on brain rhythms and mind-body therapies to enhance currently available treatments for chronic pain, aging disorders and depression (since these are disorders where mindfulness meditation and Tai Chi have shown clearest positive therapeutic impacts).

Link: Dr. Catherine Kerr

Workshop 2009: Link to the video

Book Project: How does suffering emerge from chronic pain?

{Co-writing with Dr. Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky & Dr. Yoshio Nakamura }

Sik Hin Hung

Sik Hin Hung is the Director and one of the Founding Fellows of the Centre of Buddhist Studies of the University of Hong Kong where he currently teaches as an Assistant Professor. His areas of research and specialty include Buddhist Education, Education of Traditional Chinese Value, Meditation, Awareness and Mindfulness based Psychotherapeutic Intervention and History of the Development of Buddhism in Hong Kong. He has published many books and articles on Buddhist Education, psychotherapy and personal growth. One of his current projects is the development of the Awareness Training Program, a psychotherapeutic intervention based on Buddhist Teaching. Venerable Sik is also a Buddhist monk ordained under the Mahayana tradition. He is the 45th generation Lineage holder of Ling Ji (臨濟宗)School of Chan and the 10th generation Lineage holder of Gui-yang(溈仰宗)School of Chan.

Book Project: Can the understanding of Pain & Suffering end Suffering?

{Co-writing with Prof. Sumio Hoka and Dr. Smadar Bustan}