Second Workshop 2011, Book Project

The July 3rd to July 5th 2011 conference

hosted by INSIDE Research Unit, University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg

Researchers, neuroscientists, doctors, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, narratologists and writers, people who have come close to pain and suffering from personal and professional experiences, will gather for the second time in Luxembourg. The meeting aims at presenting and advance our work in progress on the book project entitled Fundamental Questions on Suffering and Pain. Each chapter is co-authored by scholars from different fields, discussing, debating, and shedding a new light on a main problem or an essential issue. The authors, coming from 16 countries, some founders of disciplines on the topic, some having dedicated their career to pain research or social suffering, young and senior scholars, aim at using this exchange to make a significant contribution in our understanding and treatment of the pained. The group was founded and is currently directed by Dr. Bustan Smadar, a philosopher, with the support of Prof. Fernand Anton, a psychobiologist and head of the Pain Lab at the University of Luxembourg.

All videos and materials from the 2011 workshop will be posted following the publication of our Book.